premium fuel

March 29, 2010

I’ve changed the way my body runs – I’ve changed the way my system works – Change what you’ve been running on, you’ll find out the potential perks – strip out all contaminants and switch to something pure and simple – continue doing so until you’ve found your perfect balance – Understand your limits but also force adaption – with a little bit of will and passion this will surely happen – realize that helping yourself helps many creatures, many minerals, and many geologic features – you can’t find peace until returning to the source – so make the best decision for yourself, make the divorce – to all your misconceptions, ego driven lies, things that are so false but make your warm and nice inside – stand up for whats right and you will be rewarded – continue on with your old ways and thee shall soon be thwarted.


The link below is to a documentary about 6 people from all across the United States with type 1 & 2 diabetes & their attempt to reverse the disease with a raw food diet. The film is a nonstop factual expedition into a subject too many people know too little about, that being their health & the role their diet plays in it. Even in a time that people all around the planet are becoming more health conscious there are still so many who don’t listen or don’t care about the role diet plays in our lives. The fact that the NY times has labeled diabetes “uncurable” and you can seemingly reverse the disease by simply switching to a raw, vegan diet says alot about how far we have to come in tackling this pandemic & also about our understandings of ourselves and how our bodies work.

I’m oh so ready to pack up my stuff. What little I have but you know its enough.  The endeavor is great.  It shall take determination, which happens to be in abundance right now. The oldest ending in the book forms this new beginning. Even though predictable its always worth grinning, because the truth is its time for this change. You can’t always have patience with what is right or you’ll often be up wondering late at night. wondering what? depends on who, because what is right may be different to you, than it is to me.  Actually this I gaurentee. We all must find whats personally right. Hopefully unselfishly to others delight, but my patience is thin in this place I live in. I hope everyone understands, well actually respects, the decision for which I speak of in this text. I feel as if my work here is done. The roots are in place and to continue to grow, I need a new pot with new soil you know. So together we venture my lady and me, or if you will these two grown up trees, hoping to find what is right, what is free. the perfect conditions for her and for me. I love you all and to all of my peers everyone of you is worth every one of my tears. As for my kin, don’t know how to begin. I thank you so much for accepting who I am and having faith I’d grow to be a good man. Mother my debt to you is unpayable, maybe some day that will change but for now I’d like you to know how I feel, I’ll be the first to say that its true that  I express my true feelings too little. My respect for you is beyond all words, all comprehension, and it gets on my nerves how little I’ve spent telling these things to you. I hope you understand & I sure that you do. Thank you so much for being such a great mother. If it wasn’t for you who knows where I’d be. The road at times has been bumpy & I haven’t always quite understood that everything you’ve taught me was  for the good. I now understand & I must confess that I know at times I caused you much stress. I know it was hard, your perseverance was great, you would have given an arm or really your life. thanks for not giving up on me mom I cannot repay you in all of my life.  Terry Sr. father, dad, old man. Things between us have been complicated at times, aside from that fact I still can’t deny that I’ll miss you as well, you have put me through hell, I’m better for it though as far as I can tell. We’ll be seperated by much land and different weather, but lets be honest we get along better when we don’t live together.. I promise we’ll talk & i’ll send lots of pictures. I’m not writing this to preach my lessons, but take care of yourself dad because its my confession that we still have alot of talking to do and when I visit I’m going to want to see you. Now on to Caty, who’s become quite a lady.  I’m constantly impressed with who you are as a person, so independent & ready to tackle lifes burdens. Your confidence is going to take you far in this life. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing your thing. Believe in yourself you could do anything. We’ve talked alot more in the last couple years, because we’ve had the same jobs & similar peers. Caty I ask you to promise me this, that we won’t become siblings that cease to exist. I’ll always want to talk to you & that goes for everyone else here too. Its important for me that we keep in touch, cuz too many people take family for granted too much. So Caty open your computer & have a look, you’ll find that I made an account for facebook (you better add me).. I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Keep that in mind as I make this fresh start.

the dullest knives

March 20, 2010

I think some Americans are actually proud of their ignorance. I don’t know how or why but its become obvious. Its really hard to come to any other conclusion when you hear people say obsurd things that are completely factually false, yet they believe what they say and refuse to look any deeper. Like people who say dinosaurs are a hoax. Its as if people are willing to give up all of history and base their entire worldview on whatever makes them feel warm inside. Those religious folks that are having 20 kids at a time and completely sheltering them from any contact with the outside world take the cake. Not only is that unfair to the children, but its a scary thought that they are raising blind sheep by the truckload. Intelligent people may be extinct if they have their way, we’d live under the rule of a king in a society that nobody questions anything. I’m sorry but at that point I’d hope for violent aliens


March 14, 2010

I’m not a parent & I’m not sure what the future holds for me as far as that goes, but one thing I do know is many parents out there could use some pointers, unfortunately I’m sure their all too stubborn to take good advice. I know if I was a parent I’d be very open with my child. I know many people who feel they have great relationships with their children and think they would tell them anything but most of the time thats not true. Most American kids are very uncomfortable to say the least when it comes to talking to their parents about things like drugs, sex, & any ideas that lay outside the norm, and usually they have good reason to be fearful of how their parents might react, or that they’ll take it the wrong way. This to me is a fundamental problem with our culture. We often try so hard to craft children into something thats near impossible to live up to. First off parents should be open with their children about all aspects of life. What is it that people are so afraid of? If we spent less time trying to shelter and hide things from our young and more time educating them about certain things I think we’d have a more mature society in general. Why is it that we constantly tell children not to lie, but at the same time half of what they’re taught growing up is a lie? The tooth fairy, santa claus, and church in my opinion represent this hypocracy. Instead of telling your child not to smoke while puffing on a cigarette just be more open & explain how you made the mistake of trying something once and ended up addicted to it (when you probably knew better). There are countless examples where being open could help a relationship and in my opinion help raise a more level headed person. To stick with that example, even if your open with your kids & they still end up smoking as adults it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good decision, because certain things are just out of your control, but I can almost gaurentee that treating your child with respect & being honest will help preserve a long lasting relationship. One perfect example I can think of has to do with my girlfriend and her mom. My girlfriend enjoys smoking cannabis (has since I’ve known her), so does her mom. They both know one another smoke yet they rarely speak about it & have never smoked together. This to me makes no sense & the only reason its like that is because of a lack of transparency from her mom growing up(i’m sure alot of this has to do with the paranoia factor involved with something illegal). Bottom line, if you want your children to talk to you about their life don’t make yourself such an intimidating figure. Don’t make situations awkward that don’t have to be. Think about when you were a kid & how you felt about the outdated style & philosophy of your parents and having to take orders that you felt made no sense. Is that the type of parent you want to be. Parents should be able to be peers & mentors to their kids. Believe it or not you can be real and be a good parent. Why not stop worrying so much and trying to dictate who your child becomes and instead embrace them as they are? Many parents really are the problem these days & it would help if they’d accept that the methods they use to teach their children may be flawed. I understand that its difficult to drop the whole “I’m right because I’m the parent” mentality, but like I said it should be your goal to be a coworker rather than a boss to your kids, because once you gain their respect it becomes easier to be a good parent. The fact is if your not honest with your kids someone down the road will be, and its not gonna make you look too good in their eyes when they realize certain things. Lately I’ve been thinking that our society might end up like the movie “idiocracy” in which evolution stops rewarding intelligence & the stupidest most dominator type people takeover the planet. Maybe thats why things are the way they are, maybe its only the stupid people that are having kids these days. The rest of us are either too weary to bring new life into this chaotic world, or planning on adopting.

coffee party

March 14, 2010

I just read that a response to the conservative tea baggers movement is underway. Its called the coffee party & it seems like something I could actually jive with. Instead of gathering a group of angry white folks to complain about everything they disagree with, this movement is all about getting together with people in coffee shops all across the country to constructively discuss the areas in which people agree. To me it makes alot more sense to talk about these areas of concesus rather than about things that make us angry. I’d like to see political actions like this gain some traction in the future because there is nothing this country could use more than an intelligent & engaged public.

The following link is to a documentary called McLibel about two activists that fought against McDonalds in court for years after refusing to make a public apology for simply spreading the truth about McDonalds & the way they do business. One thing I liked about this film is that it shows the length mega corporations are willing to go to protect their image from being tarnished by the truth.